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Shopping Center Łomianki in Łomianki

Right next to the Kampinos National Park in Łomianki, near Warsaw, you will find Galeria Łomianki. On an area of 35,000 square metres, you will find numerous boutiques, service points, leisure space, restaurants, cafés, a hypermarket, work space and a playground for children.

In collaboration with a designer, we have created numerous parametric elements made of plywood, which, in addition to their intended fuction as benches, provide a unique decorative element. The parametric furniture is characterised by great customisation and uniqueness. Each element in the bench is characterised by a unique size and form. When put together, the elements create a pattern with a 3D effect. Achieving the perfect end result required extreme precision.

Our design department, supported by the TopSolid furniture design programme, determined the size and shape of each piece of furniture. The drawn-out parts were sent for cutting to our CNC machining centre with a rester table. Thanks to the computerisation of the entire process, we can cut out even very complex elements with the certainty that they will fit together perfectly. This is how the three- and five-metre-long double-sided parametric benches were created, which, when placed in the passageway, make it possible to talk a break during a busy shopping day.

Shopping centers
Shopping Center Łomianki

Unexplored designs are our speciality

We also manufactured parametric elements for the food court area. Walls and plywood partitions made it possible to separate this area from the walkway, providing a sense of privacy so that customers can enjoy their meal in peace.

Tables, chairs and sofas are a mandatory element of the foodcourt area. The construction of our sofas is made of HPL laminate with a wood décor, which perfectly matches the colours of the plywood parametric furniture. The backrest of the sofa is also a partition wall on which the upholstered panel is hung. The seat of the sofa is made of high-quality eco-leather in green. For the convenience of the shopping centre's customers, we installed electrical sockets in the bases of the sofas.

The whole project is accompanied by flower pots made of green laminate for dry flowers, catering baskets and waste segregation baskets. On top of the partition walls, we installed stylish lamps made of plywood, which are an additional decoration of the entire realisation.

Galeria Łomianki is also a child-friendly place. Next to the food court area there is a safe playground, for which we made racks for jackets and shoes, as well as ottomans which, when joined together, separate the playground area from the rest of the walkway, while parents waiting for their children to play can sit comfortably and relax, without letting their children out of their sight.

The furniture we have supplied and assembled is made from flame-retardant materials in accordance with current fire regulations.

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For this project we have produced

  • Parametric benches
  • Parametric partitions
  • Parametric walls of the foodcourt area
  • Rubbish bins
  • Pots
  • Tables
  • Bar fittings
  • Children's entertainment area
  • Lodges

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