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Hotel furniture

 Hotel Furniture in every style

We advise and produce with attention to detail.

Demi Co. specializes in manufacturing hotel furniture for modern, luxury and boutique properties.

Our production includes the design and complete manufacture of furniture for use in hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants and other areas in the hotel. The furniture we create meets specific criteria that include durability, functionality and aesthetics, as well as any specific requirements for a particular hotel brand and numerous design specifications.

The production process includes design, material sourcing, production and quality control. The design phase includes the creation of detailed plans and sketches of the furniture, taking into account the specific needs of the investor,. Once the design is completed, we source materials for the furniture, such as wood, metal, fabric and upholstery materials, among others. The production process consists of cutting, shaping and assembling the various parts of the furniture, as well as applying finishes such as varnish or paint. This is all done in our machinery under the control of our exceptional specialists.

Quality control is a critical step for us in the production of hotel furniture, as furniture must meet strict standards of durability and functionality to withstand the wear and tear of regular use in a hotel environment.

Got an idea for a hotel space?

Let us help you make it a reality!

Production of furniture of all common areas of the 5* Hotel Belmonte in Krynica Zdroj.

We have extensive experience in the production of complex furnishings for common areas, our knowledge and commitment allows us to carry out the most demanding projects.

In the furniture of the 5* hotel, the most significant thing was the quality of the furniture we produced.

The project took into account, among other things, the skillful combination of materials such as metal, glass and wood in the partitions that are unique decorations of common areas. The final effect of the presented furnishings met the requirements of the investor as well as hotel guests.

What kind of furniture we offer customized:

Room furniture

We manufacture furniture to withstand heavy use and frequent cleaning, while providing a comfortable and relaxing experience for guests.

Hotel restaurant furniture

We focus on creating durable and high-quality furniture that can withstand use in a dynamic restaurant environment.

Hotel bar furniture

We wrok to improve the overall atmosphere of the bar and provide a comfortable and pleasant experience for customers.

Reception counters and lobby furniture

We offer a range of lobby furniture, from reception counters and seating to tables and storage solutions.

Partitions and wallcoverings

To give a unique character to the hotel facility, we build up the spaces together with the walls according to the most demanding designs.

Supplementary furniture

We will produce any piece of furniture equipment you need in a restaurant space. We are not afraid of challenges!

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