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Questions and answers

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1. Is it possible to see your furniture in person?
2. What is the process of ordering Demi Co. furniture?
3. Is it possible to order furniture remotely and get it delivered overseas?
4. Where is Demi Co. furniture manufactured?
5. Does Demi Co. produce furniture based on a custom design?
6. I have a complicated project that involves the use of many materials including upholstery, wood and glass - does Demi Co. work in this respect?
7. How long does it take to manufacture furniture?
8. Is it possible to get samples of wood, fabrics?
9. Can I order furniture in my fabric?
10. Are the materials used by Demi Co. certified?
11. Can furniture be manufactured in a flame retardant version?
12. Does Demi Co. furniture come with a warranty?
13. Can I count on a free measurement?
14. Can I get a design for the interior?
15. Can I count on help with transportation of furniture?
16. Is Demi Co. furniture delivered to you in complete units or in parts?
17. Can I count on the installation of furniture?
18. At what stage of the renovation of space is it possible to install furniture?