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Furniture for commercial interiors

Well thought-out furniture for commercial facilities

We advise, manufacture and assemble on site.

Commercial furniture refers to furniture designed and manufactured for use in companies, institutions and other commercial facilities. The commercial furniture we produce is aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional, with an emphasis on meeting the specific needs of the commercial environment.

Using our extensive knowledge gained over the years, we will advise on technical solutions so that the final product meets all your expectations. Demi Co. has furnished many commercial spaces, and the furniture we have produced after years of use is a perfect testament to our guaranteed high quality and thoughtful production.


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Our production for the Libero shopping mall in Katowice (Echo Investment).

We had the pleasure of working with a developers company on the construction of the Libero shopping mall. We were entrusted with the mission to produce furniture furnishings for all of the mall's common areas, such as corridors, food-court, relaxation zones, gaming zone, indoor children's play zone and outdoor area.

By the votes of industry professionals, Libero Katowice was awarded the title of Best Interior in the Design - Shopping Centers category of the prestigious Property Design Awards, held as part of 4 Design Days - one of the most significant real estate, architecture and design events in this part of Europe. We are delighted that our commitment to creating functional, quality and aesthetically pleasing commercial interiors helped win this amazing award!

Libero Shopping Gallery - Katowice

What kind of furniture we offer customized:

Food court furniture

Since the food-court area serves as the main seating area for customers who eat in the center, it must be both functional and inviting, Working with architects and investors, we aim to make the best possible use of the common areas in seating areas.

Relaxation zones

We create relaxation zones in the mall filled with greenery, water features, relaxing seating areas and furniture with phone charging capabilities. These elements provide shoppers with a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the shopping environment.


Adding green elements to shopping centers can create a more comfortable and relaxing environment. The pots we produce can be used to display live or artificial plants and can be incorporated into other furniture development elements such as waste segregation areas.

Upholstered furniture for common areas

Comfortable seating is essential for shoppers who need to take a break or wait for someone. Popular seating options include benches, chairs, sofas and lounge chairs. Thanks to our experience, we can produce pieces designed to a specific pattern, consistent with your vision for the interior.

Waste segregation furniture

Waste segregation furniture do not have to be simple and boring at all! Working with us, we will offer you such finishes that even trash garbage cans or trays will be decorative elements of the commercial space.

Information center or reception areas fittings

This is an important element of any office building or shopping mall. We produce individual furniture designs based on the architect's drawings, ensuring full involvement in advising on the best technical solutions, so that the furniture will serve as long as possible in an intensive environment.

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