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Modern machine park

Our capabilities are due to modern machinery and a specialized team. High-tech machinery, supervised by a specialized design and production team, is responsible for our production capabilities.

We have our own carpentry shop, upholstery shop, sewing shop and locksmith shop. Such developed facilities allow us to produce furniture of virtually any design and strictly defined parameters. We use the experience we have accumulated since 1990 to select the optimal materials and production methods for each order.

CNC center

A computer-controlled CNC machining center, supported by TopSolid software for 3D furniture design, allows for large-scale production of even complex products in short and varied batches.

Manufacturing plant

4-axis CNC 

The versatile, innovative 4-axis CNC machining center with raster table (x-3, 6 m and y-2, 2 m) is used for processing furniture boards using "nesting" technology, i.e. optimizing the blank. It makes it possible to cut various formats from furniture boards up to 3.6x2.2 m in size (as a whole).

Manufacturing plant


SCM's K-1000 edgebanding machine, equipped with 11 units, provides processing of rectilinear parts with perfect accuracy. It also makes it possible to glue elements 60 mm thick and to glue solid wood 12 mm thick. For edgebanding curved parts, there is the Olimpic M 80 SCM edgebanding machine.

Production plant

Glue rolling machine

With the support of a glue rolling machine, we can offer gluing services for veneer, HPL laminate, etc. on a Sergianii hydraulic hot press from SCM Group. The machine is characterized by an operating temperature of up to 120°C, a pressure of up to 120 tons and a shelf size of 3000x1300 mm.

Production facility

Wide-belt grinder

SCM's Sandya 5 RCS wide-belt sander is suitable for calibrating and intermediate and final sanding of panel surfaces, mainly solid wood and veneer, with a width of 110 cm.

Production facility

Upholstery department 

The modern upholstery department is equipped with specialized Garudan sewing machines: single-needle, double-needle and long-arm sewing machines with triple transport, with the ability to sew thick materials, such as leather. The upholstery department also includes upholstery and pneumatic tables, a cutting table with an automatic uncuttering machine, and band knives.

Production plant

Welding shop

Our professional welding shop allows us to make metal furniture parts, large steel structures and metal decorative elements. Our experienced professionals, using professional equipment, apply various joining methods including Mig and Tig for the best results and realization of each client's vision.


Lacquering shop

We powder-coat or spray-paint our furniture in full RAL colors and using high-quality stains.  The professional paint shop offers matte, semi-matte or high-gloss finishes.


Our machine park also includes many other innovative devices. It is constantly being developed and improved.

 100% own production

We specialize in the production of countertops, bar counters and furniture systems for hospitality establishments, hotels and various types of public facilities.

We provide solutions for both interiors and exteriors. We make customized furniture for individual needs and a specific project. We allow you to place your own advertising or logo on the furniture.

Standard Modular Sofas 

Discover endless possibilities with Demi Co's modular sofa. We are experts in designing and creating customized bar sofas in geometry, size and design.

Choose from available designs or create your own piece of furniture from scratch. At the ordering stage you will decide on the shape and color of the upholstery, as well as the type of stitching and legs. Our collection was designed with contract execution in mind, for maximum functionality, durability and versatility.
We have hundreds of available finishes, such as wood, HPL, metal or textile to choose from. You are sure to get a unique piece of furniture, perfectly matched to your space. For the best effect, you can house style-coherent chairs, armchairs, tables and other interior design elements.

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Custom-made modular sofas

At Demi Co. we understand that unique objects require unique solutions. Therefore, we create furniture that perfectly corresponds to the individual concept of the interior - in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

We are a contract manufacturer of commercial furniture with many years of experience in serving the most demanding clients in the HoReCa, retail and service industries, from home and abroad. This is a testament to our craftsmanship in customized production.

We have our own carpentry shop, locksmith workshop, upholstery shop and sewing room, which allows us to carry out projects of any size and shape, with a variety of materials. You can take advantage of our expertise and pragmatic approach to creating furniture right from the concept stage, or challenge us with your own drawing. In either case, you choose the signature quality of Demi Co.

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