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Hotel Opera in Gdańsk

The Baltic Opera is the largest musical cultural institution in Pomerania and an opera theater recognized in Poland and Europe. 70 years of existence is a series of moving performances or concerts full of emotion, emotion, reverie being a unique experience for the audience.

It is worth remembering that behind these extraordinary experiences is the effort of thousands of people including actors, who with great commitment play their roles preparing for them during dozens of rehearsals. Demi Co. understands this, which is why we have made comfortable guest rooms for the Opera House to meet the needs of the artists. The basic element of each room is a wide bed. The frame connected to the headrest was made of a board upholstered with a high-quality natural weave fabric in sand color, giving the interior harmony and order. Bonell mattress with coconut layer is a perfect complement to the bed making the rooms a comfortable place to rest after an exhausting day on the stage.

Complementing the room furnishings are closets and dressing tables made by us. The combination of white-painted metal structure with oak sonoma board gives the impression of lightness and spaciousness of the furniture, which thanks to its dimensions do not overwhelm the entire arrangement.

Baltic Opera
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Demi Co. is a guarantee of reliability and professional care at every stage of the project. After we manufactured the furniture, it passed inspections for quality as well as compliance with the design guidelines. After passing the stage, the assemblers delivered the furniture safely to Gdansk, assembled and set up in the target locations. This is how the effect seen in the photos was created.

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For this project we have produced

  • Wardrobes
  • Upholstered beds with headboards
  • Dressing table on a metal frame

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