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Hotel La Folie Douce in Chammonix

Hotel Chamonix is situated opposite the Savoy ski lift in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc ski resort. From the hotel you can admire the ever-changing light that crowns the summit of Mont-Blanc. It was these very conditions that inspired designers to design the sofas, which, with their comfort and luxurious design, further add to the enjoyment of these spectacular views.

We had the privilege to produce all the sofas and upholstered benches in the restaurant and bar area of the Chammonix Hotel . The red, green and yellow sofas seen in the photos were made by combining oak wood, oak veneer and luxurious 100% mohair fabric from Kvadrat. In addition, each surface was specially fire protected so that the project could meet safety regulations.

Hotel La Folie Douce
Project author
BACHMANN et associés
Sebastien Brilla

Our mission is your project.
Our goal is your customer's comfort.

The sofas, with their appearance, fit perfectly into the design emphasizing the friendly, warm and festive
spirit of the Hotel La Folie Douce, Chammonix.

For this project we have produced

  • Semicircular sofas for VIP area
  • Wooden built-in restaurant benches
  • Wooden restaurant benches with with cushions

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